Letter from Mary Wexford Scotti to Florence Howe, January 4, 1971

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   4 January 1971

Florence Heme  Feminist Press 7

SUE! at GM Biestbuty \ Box 334 1 014 westbnry, Kw York 11568

Dear Ms. Howe:

we sent for ona;i‘Eopy;¢ach‘vo£ the two children's books pub- lished by tha Jféminilst P2323: from Sheila Tobias. They are really wonderful, and we timid like to cry to sell some

in our affice. We would like to start. with aw copies of each book. I understand from Catharine Stzimpscm that Feminist Pmsa will give a 40% discount to éémneafls Centers selling the hooks. Please bill as for the appropriate amount: including postage and send as the can copies of each book.

I will lat you know how our sales go and would spepreciate

it if you would let me know when Xfeminist: Frees publishes ather books.


Henry Wexford Scotti Achzinistrativa Coordinatar

/7-'4 V K,