Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Elizabeth Janeway, December 29, 1971

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29 Decauber 1971

Elizabeth Jammy 15 East 80:1: Street saw York City 10021

Dear Elizabeth:

I hope, too, that you can come up for the pan}. on sale chauvinlsn. we are arranging drinks for the pnclints ad moderator: afterwards, (the place still ‘balm arranged), and it would be uarvulous if you would join us. iv munch is that open avovals of chutviniu will be muted, but we have tried for I spectrum of opinion.

Elaine Slwuulterfibookiagood. Shtisgoimtoboonaofthu two unnonnoflerators of thc panel. (an othnr, Ann Burris, tuchos Artflistoxjatilllnttr). aothat. ifyoucaunnka ittolamardoa the 11th. you can not her.

thanks for telling Helen Whaler about up can poutblo introduce: for her book. I very much appreciate your suppot.

As for your response to the act in Hasuchusetts, I loved your response. It's funny how many pigs (which have alsays struck me as solid animals) wilt in we light of publicity.

Ihopeto ace;-ousoon-oneplacc or mother. flanks again for all your help and counsel. Harry, cheats, happy, at :1.


Catharine R. Sttnpaou