Letter from Elizabeth Janeway to Catharine Stimpson, December 22, 1971

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December 22

Dear Catharine,

I HOPE I can get up for your panel on Male Chavinism at Columbia, it sounds enchanting.

Can you find a discussant to say, "Yes, inu deed, and we're proud of it ?" I had a mar- velous letter the other day from a M.C. Pig ‘ who teaches science in Easthanpton, Mass, and began two single-spaced pages by tell‘ g me that my picture indicated that I was "f ated and unhappy." Of course, he's French, I think the French usually prefer to be rude, if it's possible. letter and told him it would contribute greatly to an article I'm planning for a national a magazine. God willing, that should scare him.

Thank you for the bibliography, very interesting.—

I must get hold of Elaine Showalter's book. By the way, the woman in Louisiana I spoke to you about isia Barnard aluma, Helen Wheeler. She wanted me to do an introduction to a rather massive bibliograph, with descriptions and so

‘on, for libraries especially -- I can't, don't

have time. I fear I suggested you —« you might be interested in looking at what she's doing,

anyway ** » , Merry New Year - M ,


I thanked him for his informativaaie--