Letter from Catharine Stimpson to George Fraenkel, December 13, 1971

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13 December 1971

Dean George K. Fraenkel 109 Law Library

Deer Desn Fraenksl:

On Tuesday, January 11th, at 8:00 p.n.. in the Bernard gynnesiun, the Bernard women's center is sponsoring a penel on that vemsd subject: usle chsuvinisxs at Columbia, asking if it exists; and if it does, whet it means and dust night he done about it. He sre asking six distinguished Coltdbis son to he on the psnel. President liccill has generously consented to he s number.-e,snd we would very much appreciate it if you, too, could participate. The psnel will. as for as us know, he the first on which Columbia men have publicly addressed tfieaselves to the question.

The panel will be moderated by s uousn, probably one from the city,

‘but not Coluflsis. Each sen will be selned to speak for five to

ten minutes and then to telas questions from the floor. I expect that the questions will be fer-ranging and provocative. ‘the purpose of the panel is to try to discover what realcontent the words "male chsuvinisn“ may or may not have within the University.

The audience will consist nostly of members of the university conu- nity. we are charging s small admission fee for the benefit of the Bernard Lawyers’ Couxittee, a group of Barnard eltmes in the legal profession who have consented to serve as e legal referral service for women.

A pamphlet about the center is enclosed for your information. If you have any questions. I shall be glad to try to answer them. The Center's phone is 280-2067. I very mach hope you will be able to join us.

3 incerely,

Catherine R. Stinpson