Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Eli Ginzberg, December 13, 1971

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l3 December 1971

Professor Eli Ginzbcrg 525 Uria

D“, Professor Ginzberg:

on Tuesday, January 11th. at 8:00 p..n., in the Barnard gynnauuu, the Bernard Women’: Center is sponsoring a panel on that vexed subject: nalo chauviniee at colubnie, asking if it eeieto; and if tt does, what it means and what night he done about it. We

are asking six distinguished Columbia non to In on the panel. Prenidcnt Mccill has generoualy consented to be a nenber, and we would very much appreciate it if you. too. could participato. The pmel will, as far as we know, be the first on which Columbia men have publicly addressed themselves to he question.

‘nae panel will be moderated by a woman, probably one from the city, but not Columbia. Each sun will be staked to punk for five to

ten minutes and then to take questions from the floor. I expect that the questions will be far-ranging and provocative. The purpose of the panel is to try to discover what real content the words "male chanvinion" may or may not have within the University.

The audience will consist noatly of numbers of the university conno- nity. We are charging a small aduisaion fee for the benefit of the Barnard Lawyers’ coanittee. a group of Barnard alumnae in the legal profebeion who have coneented to serve as a legal referral service for women.

A p-phlot about the Center is enclosod for your inforeation. If you have my qnoations. I shall be glad to try to answer them. the center’: phone is 280-2067. I very much hope you will be able to join us.

8 incerc ly .

Catharine R. Stinpoon