Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Eleanor Norton, December 9, 1971

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Qneceaber 1971

commissioner Eleanor Norton

city commission on Hanan Rights

80 Laieyette Street ,. \ New York city 10013 t

  Ha . Norton: V  

The Bernard college Women‘: Center is planning e panel on ndqiay. January 11th, at 8:00 p.n., on the Question of uele cheuviaiee at coltnbia, sang it it exists; and if it does. that it seem Jlhat night he done &out it. me panel will consist of several men 

are part of Colufiia on the theory that it would be interesting   hear what the men have to bay ebout theaselvee and their 1net1tut1§n‘>\ President Willis: J. Hccill bee genereuely ted to be e uenberxx.  we would like to invite you to moderate the panel, for we would veryg much like a moderator of proven wit, feimeee, end yet a tou¢hex1nded.; knovledge of the tune of rule &euv1u1en. Beck men will speak for “ five to ten minutes one then take question fro: the floor. I expect} that the questions rill be fer-raging and provocative. me eudiencefi will consist mostly of uflere of the university community. We are W charging e enell admission fee for the benefit of thenereerd Lawyers‘ 3 coueittae, a group of Bernard elumae and others in the legal profession whoheve consented to nerve as a legal referral service for wonen. 

A pamphlet about the center is enclosed for your information... If you

have my queetione, I shall be sled to try to move: then. I very tech ‘*2

hope you will be able to join us. M V. b Sincerely,

Cetherine R. Stinpeln

‘:4. ,’"'/' V V’ ‘ I .  K %*«&__W.,. -