Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Bess Meyerson, December 9, 1971

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9 December 1971

Bus noyarson Counisptoner Department of coconut Affairs

~ 80 Larayttta Street

new York city 10013 Dear couniuionor I-hyeraon:

Thu Barnard College women‘: center to planning a panel ontluuday, January 11th, at 8:00 p.n., on the question of male chaxvlnltn at Columbia, asking if it aunts; and if it does. Uhtt it sound and that ntght be dean about it. the pawl will count of several nun who are part of coluubla on the theory that it would in into:-outing to hear that the man ham to say about thunulves and that institution. Pruident willtn J. nccul hat aanarounly consented to be a no-bar.

we would like to invite you to moderate the panel. for we would very much like a moderator of prawn wit, fairness. and yet a toughalnded knowledge of the issue of male chauvlnian. Each am will speak for fin to ten ninutar and then take qunstlons from the floor. I oxpoct that the questions will bu far-ranging and provocative. ‘rho audience will cannot neatly of authors of the university coarnlty. we are charging a wall adaisslon too for the built of tho Barnard Lnvyoz-3' comlttoc, a group of Barnard altuaao and others in the hall profession who hovc coasontod to larva as a legnl referral urvioc for woman.

A pnphlet about the Center is onclond for your intonation. If you have any questions, I shall be glad to try to answer then. I very Inch hope you will be able to join us.


Catharine R. Stiqaon, ‘\