Report on Female Staff Discrimination at Columbia University, February 1971, page 26

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          _ 2. what positions are fiossibly available —'in the central administration or inv

ASQ How many women currently at the assistant level began in secretarial positiona?>W‘

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The foI1(m;ng ling of uuostjonc sugg~nru nruax {or innuiry into the status of
women ”midd]e uéminjntrutiun" or "junior" officwrs at Columbia University.

1. What in the nature of the "assisLnnt",”administrativc aswistant", or "exeéy'
utive.secrctary" positions or thn chwnnvls throfioh which these jobs are
'fi1lcd, makes those jobs ~> especially in the department: of schools and ._
faculties —« so exclusively suitable for women? [Irnm; in the latest Columbia
Directory, for 1¢68«69, the only male administratjvu assistants in academic‘
departments warn two in the Départmont of Physical Education and inter-
collegiate Athletics.) M -


the administrations of tho various schools and faculties ~ as promotions’
for women at the.assistant level? (Obviously, unless a woman working as
assistant in an academic department acquires the credentials to qualify
.her for faculty status;—thcrc are no possibilities for promotion within
the denartment itsClf.)» [Itcm: tho.1968~69 Directory gives evidence that
positions on the pdlicyénnking level are nvailabfr only in the following
iareas: interior dccnrationgqartistjc yynpertieo, placement and personnel,
‘admissions, housckocping, library work, nursing, and public c-rcmonies.«
These seem to be among the most -traditional "woman's" professional-areas.j

3; How are po1icy—making level positicns (vico—prcsidcnts. associate and_
assistant deans, and their assistant and associuL~ officers for example)
ictunlly filled? .Wh0re‘are_¢ondidar¢5 for these positions found (i.e.,
executive enploymonp agency; personnel office or r(:ords)? [Itcm: the
process of filling those positionc in finivcrsity administration is not
napparent to me or to others i know in Aosistant positions. There seems
to be a large numror of positions filiwd in some qrey area between the
personnel-office and-the ggjggg search committee.] -
4. How would a woman with expertise or a degree in some area of educational
V administration approach this search of a position? If she
inquired firsL at the pérsonncl oftice, would she be required - as'most
’women and few men I know have been - to take a typing test?


What is the salary range for“assist_nts? Their average educational back-
ground? How many years have they, on an avzrage, he1d_§hcir positions?