Report on Female Staff Discrimination at Columbia University, February 1971, page 25

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jpreoccupation with di1':fr'r-:n'.'iation on the }_m::i.; (>1. raw‘; in the Southern states. :
~Chi1dren are bred to [nest irrelevant diaLinvL.ons. As people, women are §;a~y.
maimed by them, by that atxnospherc: which 21:; inn’.-lied in all those Sentences“, 513- 
ginning, “women-arc..." or "women shnu1d..,“. Columbia University equally i§“i
not responsible for the inability of Sigmund Freud to free his insights front
the prejudices and attitudes appropriate to his position as a member of the#A['V‘
Viennese Jewish bourgeoisie.‘ [k
The prevailing view of women has been cynically employed asha simple ,J:.J

mechanism to prevent women from entering we11—paid professions.w I have never’

hear any man argue that women should not scrub floors because it was not a‘



"feminine" occupation. Indeed, orofessions become non-feminine as they become
uo1l-paid." ‘ ‘ ix

some relief can be afforded at Columbia simply by prompt acknow1odgement_V
or the broad merit of the complaints issued forth in the oersonal testimony of.»
students and junior faculty and staff concerning their experiences as women infwy
litho academic-1i£e; Instances of incivilities, offensive banter, unwarranted Snaii
fiiintrusive personal advice, disparagements, and of frank and deliberate discriminu
» tion must_be acknowledgedand steps taken to rectify the situations surrounding _
these incidents; While the resolution of some of the problems invoked by so
‘radical’: change of view may demand time and study, this should not orevente‘
swift and vigorous action to remedy specific injustices.


Prepared by Moira Kennedy ' \=» ~
Administrative Aide, university ltnafiy
** Member of status of women Committee 7»

-**Membors of the entire committee could not be contacted in time toprepare a
V formal statement on their activities. The final report of the committee will
.. pc.« be forwarded to respective governmental departments upon completion later in

A._ 7 ‘the spring term.


W, .  ... .,.... .,. .. ....,,M_. ..,,,,,.nn,__,.,,,,,_ fin‘,