Report on Female Staff Discrimination at Columbia University, February 1971, page 24

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talent of women administrative officers in making appointments to¥ 1,,

ministrative grades T V L 3


.+L'.«~'.,.‘;g M  .“THE ATMOSPHERE AND .'l.'lH‘.‘ A'I“l‘I'I‘U.Lfli

tcomments extracted from the testimony of a tenured faculty member (femele)
which summarizes the prevailing tenor on campus)

“In the areas of appointment of women faculty and the appointemfg of women too
higher administrative positions, Columbia could set a policy and administer it
in such a way that the University's commitment would be plainly evident. The
academic freedom of ?rofessors,which I cherish, is not a license to prejudiced pi.”o
judgments§l These are specifics and they all respond ultimately to that most
general area of my concern which incolces the question of atmosphere. There
are very few,iE any, persons at Columbia University, I know of none, who openly 4].
express anti-black sentiments. social pressures have at least stilled than into i
silence if they exist. V ,

‘There are, in my experience, many people at Columbia who make anti-feminist

,eg_,~- ,


oremarks.' They do this, not always with the intention of being insulting or offen~ .


cive, but simply because they are totally unaware of the impact of their renarks;»~g,_f
If they were to substitute in their conversation the word "black" for the word ‘A
it d3’fiy‘o 3, 'uonan3, they would be outraged by their own insensitivity. This sense of dominance

‘“o"’ leads not only to patronizing attitudes, but may lead and has 1ed,on occasion, to; 'gf

the preferential indulgence of women students: - an unusual masculine sensitivity. :3


and response to irrational arguments - the power of the gentle tear. 1 s,w4


Columbia University cannot be held totally responsible for what is effectively3

‘the climate of opinion in the United states. The preoccupation with difforentiationx

on the basis’o£ sex is as.pervasive in our present culture as is an analogous