Report on Female Staff Discrimination at Columbia University, February 1971, page 22

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3;, ‘_- _ ' m' » ,' .
i ”»_' 8. "Testimony presented by a female tenured (acuity member of the Department
, if I of Biochemistry:
f 7%‘ istating that'within her own department she believed that discrimination
|  g’ V _ . ' _
ii A qglinst women does not.exist. she offorred that this situation was possibly not
;V € 4 the same in-other Science departments in the University. “It is true that I an
I a the only senior women member of the faculty, but there have been relatively few
mg new appointments and, in discussing new appointments at all levels, I have never
5W;7: been aware of prejudice‘against womcn.;.As with the appointment of black faculty,

-h__,,., ...:.-~ ‘ ,_

FACULTY RF:CRUITMI~:x-1'1‘ mm 5;‘; .':‘:; (x1zV.xvr..)


A. Testimony presauntc-d by a student lf:<,'mb(?1' of .3 dc-pa.r.'t;m:mta} :;<'~\:r'«:,:h coxrunittecz . ,
A female student in the School of Arthiterturc stated that "at present
there are no women on the faculty on any lnvcl in the Division of Urban Planningiiiid


thin the School of Architecture. _Compared to the entire University the Division has

a fairly good record of admitting women students, at least within the past year
ifif or 30,: but its record of hiring women teachers is even worse than that of Colum-
bia University as a whole. The Division has hired none of its female Ph.D.'s,
even though it has hired several of its male Ph.D's."

Citing the need for women students to have female role models and for

women planners-to have the opportunity to teach as well as engage in private prac-
tice or governmental work, the students urged that women (or at least one woman)

he hired for the next academic year. The student then outlined her experience

with the faculty search committe and submitted that women ncre_stil1 be considered
an peripheral to the central search effort. The female students sitting on the
lrgcomnitteeglhad no reason to believe that the Urban Planning Division was committedi

” to creating equal opportunities for woman in the Planning profession.
., V M V, _