Report on Female Staff Discrimination at Columbia University, February 1971, page 20

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          p. 182"

HEARING ON THE SJFTUH or woman AF COLUMBIA, March 11, 1070.
(wi t h ;1ppc=, nd ix)


On the evening of March 11, 1970 the University Senate sponsored an


open hearing on the Status of women at Columbia primarily to determine the
need for continued investigation into the status of faculty, staff, and studentay
on the Columbia campus. The meeting attracted no more than 200 persons despite
’ widespread publicity and provisions for professional child care during the time‘
of the hearing.’ Although no formalized methods were employed to determine the‘
composition of the audience, it was observed that students (primarily graduate‘
level) were in the majority with staff, faculty and administrators (ahout 3 or g
4) represented in that order; Anpproximately 35 women testified at the heaggng, afl
jtape recording of uhich is available in the University senate office, 402 Low
itibrary. Twenty women submitted written statements extracts of which appear
belowr‘ For the purposes of this report, only those comments directly conernad
iituith conditions of employment will be cited.

As a result of the hearing. the University senate agreed to form a

,Commiasion of the status of women which has subcommittee status under the Execui
'tive Committee of the senate. This Committee hopes to submit a report to the y',~ ,;‘*
Senate during May, 1971.

I-:x'rRAc=rs mom SENATE uemmzc


* woman FACULTY AND swam :~.§_ ROLE MODELS: (v)

A tenured faculty member of the Barnard Faculty (female) sumitted that

A. H ‘
"  '75:».-3 .-A_3

the “status of women" is an important subject since the status of faculty and
administration touches directly on the welfare of women students throughout the

University. without the "role models" who can provide direction and inspiration,



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