Report on Female Staff Discrimination at Columbia University, February 1971, page 13

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Sixteen women indicated experiences with discrimination fiireetly

relating to initial inn offers or transrnrs within the Columbia com-flk
nunity, and the Department of.Pursonuvl was frcnnently criticized furl
vfailing to notify women of appropriate positions.

"...aFtcr three months as a secretary, I requested a
transfer because I thought I had more capabilities.
The personnel officer said boredom and better capa-
bilities were no reasons for a better job..." (3)

wPosition: Clerk-tynist. Education: B.A_ degree

"When I was hired at Columbia as‘a clerk typist, I

»was told by the interviewer that I was almost certain

of a_"position" for the reason that I was the wife of

a student. ‘Columbia likes to.hire student wives.‘
Gradually it has dawned upon me the reason why.

Student wives generally have a college education, they
are willing, conscientious workers who are easily

trained and their term of employment is brief. For

the University means good workers and no raises." (H2)
Position: Clerk-typist. Education: n,S, + graduate work




Complaints on salary were received from twenty—four


"I can't honestly say that I'm being exploited obviously
because I don't have a college degree and also because

my salary jumped $2,500 within nil months. However, I
would like to note that the man who had my job was making
'$1S,000 (I helieve) and had a full time secretary (7,500)
who, in turn, had a student assistant! Nuudless to say,
the University is saving the sum of $16,500 on me. (19)
POSITION: administrative EDUCATION: lg years of college

who held the.assnviate,'I968

a secretarial appointment...P's successor,
D.H.,.held the same.position in 1969 after graduating

from Columbia College in 1908., He entered on a secre«
tarial appointment and came at a starting salary of $8,500.
(I) was hired at $7, supporting staff...because I
am a woman...I was never told there was a 5-8% limitation

on raises for supporting staff...I am sure no male would be
hired as an editor without an appointment because the Uni-
versity would not conceive of hiring a male professional at
such a low salary, especially with such limited prospects of
increase.". (37)

Position: Associate Editor

entered on

Bducation:_ A;B.

"In 1968 it was made clear by the Dean of my school at a
staff meeting that a man and I were to be co-equally respon-
sible for the operation of our office. The male, however,

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