Report on Female Staff Discrimination at Columbia University, February 1971, page 12

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'women in the University (see PP. 1-2 of this report). Thusfar,

forty-six returns have been analyzed. 11
names (optional), offices (optional), highest educational levels,
‘quested information on the following categories: (1) job offers/

transfers (2) salary (beginning salary; raises; unequal pay) (3) pro-

? ,(7) maternity leaves (8) daycare. VMost of the returned questionnairesvh



During the period of February 9 through February 19, 1971,92,

Columbia women's Liberation sent out.a nuestionnaire to non-teachin3*i
The questionnaire (Exhibit #U) asked women to give us their_;y5oA
division of employment, positions and number of years held. we re-

motions (H) biased attitudes about women expressed by staff/supervisors.‘

CS) over verbal or written affirmations of discrimination (6) nepotism A

listed complaints of discrimination in more than one area.12

.11 Approximately 300 questionnaires were mailed, Of the 25% non-

yilz; Where specific quotations are used, a code number will appear at

returns, 50 did not reach their destination. 20u questionnaires

2 are still outstanding -- some we have been notified are en route
to us but it is not possible to-predivt a total return percentage.
Because of the time constraint created by the early arrival of the
Contract Comliauce investigatory team, we are compiling this re-
-port on the basis of questionnaires on hand.” Data which arrives
after the completion of this report will be included in a follow-
up report on staff discrimination. ' '



Returns were from women in the Arts, Business, Columbia College,
. Engineering, Journalism, International Affairs, The Graduate Schoolfi
of Arts and Sciences as well as institutes, central administrative ,
‘offices and other offices (e.g., the libraries, Columbia University ‘
Press, etc.) ‘o ' . - ‘

the conclusion of the quote. Names will not be included in these
,case histories;, they will, however, be given to the investigating"
team from HEW and Labor with the permission of the respondees.
Note: 35 of the respondees volunteered their names.