Report on Female Staff Discrimination at Columbia University, February 1971, page 4

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as many women as were listed in non—fnculty main campus positions
from the Columbia University l96‘)—7ll rumpus telephone directoryV.3
The refusal of the administration to supply data concerning
its employees is not new. Professor Ann Sutherland Harris made
reference to this policy of non—cooperation in her testimony before
the Special House Subcommittee on Education with Respect to Section
Q05 of H.R. 16098, June 16, 1970.” (Exhibit #3), "we were not able,
to do a study of women in the administration at Columbia because
published catalogues and directories do not provide an accurate list
of all male and female administrative staff. we could not get more

5 Because of administration

accurate statistics from the management."
attitudes and "...Since almost no administrative women have tenure,
they are all most reluctant to make themselves visible by complaining

about the treatment of women...“6 for fear of reprisals.

Despite these factors, the data we were able to obtain (without

cooperation from the administration, confirmed what we, as staff women,

knew about the University's treatmcnt of women.

is made to deal with this problem. In addition, several proposals
made to help define general employnwnt_practices have never been

realized or have only recently materialized. For example, the Uni-
versity Personnel Policy Manual is unavailable, an Equal Employment

Opportunity Officer's appointment was not announced until February 10,

1971, and a salary analysis due January 1, 1971 has yet to appear.

Many female supporting staff are not included in this directory; it
appears that some supervisors attach a certain amount of prestige to
a listing in the campus directory which makes them loath to include
'1ow-status individuals, i.e., women. ’

u Pagination for references to the Harris testimony will follow the
reproduced version included as Exhibit #3 in this report.

5 Exhibit #3, p.30. The entire Harris testimony should be read for

its information on discrimination against women at all levels of
Columbia. Particular attention should be given pp. 29—3H which deal
most specifically with administrative and staff women.

5»  Exhibit #3, p.30