Minutes from the Barnard Lawyers' Committee feasibility meeting, October 6, 1971

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lawyers‘ Committee

Feasibility Meeting 6 October 1971

What constituency does the Center plan to serve with the Lawyers‘ Committee First, Barnard Students and Alumnae Then, College and University women New York Women Women from the imediate neighborhood of Barnard

Ryan - a wider constituency from the beginning might provide wider attraction. Kaplan - gave a report on existing legal services in New York (attached)

Bernson - The comittee should provide information to undergraduates before they go out into business, the professions, or graduate school. Until the parameters are explored, the Lawyers‘ Committee should restrict itself to Barnard.

Kaplan - The sources of funds are important in deciding the scope of activities, e.g. tax restrictions. The committee should start as a referral service with a roster of women attorneys willing to take cases or refer them to existing agencies.

Bernson - Perhaps the next step would be to get together a large group of Barnard attorneys (40 or 50) and let them thrash it out. Also invited to such a meeting should be Barnard alumae presently in law school and women presently in the Columbia Law School. Meeting could be arranged at the Columbia Club on 43h‘ Street which would be convenient for everyone, even those coming from out of town.

Ryan - Perhaps as a spur a list of subjects should be drawn up.

It was decided to hold such a meeting on Tuesday afternoon, November 16. Invitations will be sent to all Barnard lawyers and law students and to women at the CU Law School. Ryan agreed to draw up the list of subjects.

Bernstein will pump women's group she knows for ideas.

Kaplan and Bernstein agreed to joint chairmanship for this meeting.

Bernson will arrange for the Columbia Club on that day.

Brochure should be included with invitation which should mention the names of the four initial lawyers present at the first meeting.