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The constituency of a Women's Center Lawyers‘ Committee: should
it be members of the Barnard community, women in the neighbor-
hood, or any woman?

Possible projects of a Lawyers‘ Committee:

A lecture series by experts in various fields on women's rights
under the law, to be held at Barnard/Columbia, but open to the

A compilation of handbooks on women's legal rights in fields of
particular use to members of the Barnard community. Topics might
include employment discrimination, faily planning, contraception,
abortion, consumer rights, landlord—tenant law, rights of unemancir
pated minors, family law. The handbooks could be based on the
lecture series, expanded for publication.

A legal counseling progra, staffed one or two days a week for
several hours a day by volunteer lawyers or law students.

Preparation of model bills (legislative drafting) on subjects of
concern to women, and lobbying, where appropriate, to achieve
their passage. Incoe tax revision to provide childcare deduc-
tions for working women; government-financed daycare facilities
for women of all income levels; revision of evidentiary require-
ment for proof of identity in rape cases are examples of
problems which need work.

Availability of a file of interested volunteer lawyers to work
on whatever relevant test case might arise.

Organization of pressure groups to initiate change in selected
areas, but mostly in the administrative sphere. Though lawyers
could help in organizing these pressure groups, non~1awyers
could be a part of them as well.

Any other issues which you feel need attention.