Memo from Robert Palmer to Martha Peterson, regarding the Helen Rogers Reid gift, September 22, 1971, page 8

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          Page 3 - BOOKS GIVEN TO B.i~'s.RNa.RD LJOLLEGE

um,   5: '

Holman, Chaim

white, willmm Chapman
White, E. B.

wilncie, Wendell

Honk, Rexmn

Wonk, Herman

Beal, John Robinson

Cochran, Jacqueline

Curie, Eve (trans. by Vincent Sheeun)
Ernst, Morris L.

Fineltter, Gretchen

Garrett, Garet

Gilmzm, Laurence

Gunther, John

Hadley, Arthur '1'.

Hamrnarskjold, Dag

Hawkins, Eric & Sturdevant, Robert N.
Hersey, John %
Hohenberg, John

Holbrook, Stewart 1!.

Hyman, Sidney. l
Levenatein, Aaron with William Agar
Lindbergh, Aknne Morrow

Lippann, Walter

Luce, Henry R.

l*§eJ.€3"L3e1‘S, John


Putnam, George Palmer
van Loon, Hendrik Willem
'»-Iarburg, Jamées P.
Warbzzrg, James P. .
blertenbaker, Lael Tucker
West, Rebecaa

White, William Allen

India and the west
Adirondack Country (2)
Here is New York

Onefi world (1"b.otogmphic Album Ed tion)
Matjorie Momingstar _

The Gaines Mutiny


John Foster Dulles: a Biography

The Stars at Noon

Madame Curie

Pandect of C.L.D.

The Dinner Party

The People's Pottage

Wagner's Operas

The Lost City

The Joy Wagon


Hawlclns of the Paris Hemld

The wall V

Foreign Correspondence: The Great Re rtera and
Dreamers of the American Dream V 1 13;‘ Times
The Lives of William Benton , . ..
Freedom's Advocate: A Twenty-five Year Ghroniale
Dearly Beloved V. .

'I‘he Public Philosophy

(Articles written about him at his death)
Bugles and  Tiger


Soaring wings - a biolgraphy of Amelia Earhart
Our Battle

Hell Bent for Election

Still Hell Bent

Mister Junior

The Birds Fall Down

A Cert;-An Rich Man