Memo from Robert Palmer to Martha Peterson, regarding the Helen Rogers Reid gift, September 22, 1971, page 7

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          U  Ho Lo


The Heritage of Tyre
In Defense of Women
Gowns by Roberta.

The white Cliffs

wind, Storm and Rain
Lincoln's Last Speech
Benefits Forgot

The Quality of Life

The Salt Gordon

The Last Great Adventure

Meloney, Villmm Brown


Miller, Alice Duer
Miller, Alice Duer
Miller, Alice Duer
Miller, Denning
Mormw, Honore willsio
Morrow, Honore willsie
Michaner, James A.
Namorov, Howard
North, John
Ouspenslgv, P. D. In Searcli of the Mimculous
The Leaf in the Flame
Dr. Zvivaga
Too Late for Phzalarope
Remembrance of Thinggzs Paot (2)
From Immigrant to Inventor:

P-arton, Margaret
Pasterrzalc, Boris
Paton, Ala

Prus, he M
Pupin, Michael



Red Hills of Cottom

Robertson, Ben
Collected Poems

Robinson, Edwin A.

R0mnB0n;  An Tristan
Roosevelt, Eleanor This I Remember
Rose, B111,y Nobody Important
Rosa, Ishbel Child of Destiny
Rodgers, Dorothy My Favorite ‘flaws

Ross, Marvin 6. (Foreword by Marjorio
Merriwaather Post) Russian Poroolains

Women and Sometimes Men

Scott-Maxwell, Florida
Not Peace but on Sword

Shoean , Vincent


Dorothy and Red

Roosevelt and Hopkins

Now is the Time

Four Saints in Three Acts
Sweet Thu.rsda.y

Ting-a.-Ling Tales

Mon and Decisions

way of Valor

My Years with General Motors

Sherwood, Robert 11.
Smith, Lillian
Stein, Gertrude
Steinbeck, John
Stockton, Frank R.
Strauss, Lewis L.
Syrkin, Marie

3108-I1, ftlfrfid Fog Jro

Tayloz-,Fmm:1g Honéry (Dir.M2at Museum of Art) Fifty Centuries oi‘ Art

rebel, John David 8o.rno£i' - Putting Electrons to Work

Tomking, Calvin Merchamts and Masterpieces -- The Story of the
Met. Museum of Art. ’

Veater, Bertha Stafford our Jerusalem


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