Memo from Robert Palmer to Martha Peterson, regarding the Helen Rogers Reid gift, September 22, 1971, page 1

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‘rd -Pres. Peterson 
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sugmfif Helen Rogers Reid gift DAIE_S¢Pt- 22. 1971

Enclosed is the listing of books and decorations of Helen Rogers Reid, which
we received in late June from'Nhitelaw Reid. The items are stored at the moment
in the basement of the library. i

Jane Moorman and I are trying to arrange for a 2-3 case permanent exhibit for
the decorations and some inscribed books. I hope that some of the uninscribed
books that would be useful to our library might find their way into our work-
ing collection with proper acjknowledgement within the books. There could also
be some temporary exhibits of books and decorations from time to time. There is
some locked cabinet space available on the 3rd floor of the library that could
be used temporarily. Unfortunately it is rather hidden.

Kate Stimpson and I are also going to talk about ‘library resources for the
Women's Center‘. The Reid gift could possibly be part of that project, when-
ever and wherever that begins.

Sorry to be so indefinite at the moment but until I find out about some space
.for-permanent display and more about the Women's Center idea, I am still a
little in the dark. ‘

If necessary, I could show you some sample decorations and books from the
cartons. I hope, though, we can reach some solution, however temporary, for
display space in the near future.



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