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          ‘JAN 15 19}:

MEMO T0: Womenls Comittee
FROM: Elly Elliott

DATE: January 14, 1971

I attach my most recent letter to Mrs. Arthur Holden who asked for tax
information about giving her collection of books on women to Barnard.

As you will see, I am trying to keep her thinking about us as we work

along on all the other aspects of a Women's Program.

Will those of you who attend the January 18th staff meeting please let
me know any results (or interim progress) that I might use to keep nego-
tiations open with Mrs. Holden? (Barbara Hertz will be unable to be
there.) As some of you know, Princeton has also made a bid for her li-
brary. She has not; to our knowledge, made any permanent decisions
about it as yet.

I sent her a copy of my draft proposal for a women's center only'to show
her the scope of our thinking and that we mean business. In this letter
I refer to faculy "airing" it along with other documents at the staff
meeting. Not necessary if Miss Peterson or others of you think it pre-
mature or not germane to what will be aired. I am simply trying to keep
Mrs. Holden's interest and make opportunities for us to keep in touch
with her.