Memo from Annette Baxter to Mary Scotti, regarding the library committee and the Women's Center, October 27, 1971

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 TO Mary Scotti 
 FROM Annette Baxter 
 SUBJECT Library Committee of W.C. 
 DATE 10/27/71 
 I know we are in no position to begin buying expensive microfilm archives on Women's History. But I thought it might be useful for you to keep a file of such long-distant possibilities for purchase as the enclosed. I am sending this material to you rather than to Mrs. Haverstick, the chair of the Library Committee, because there seems to be no reason for burdening her with such items at present. Let us simply have you keep a file "for the Library Committee's long-term consideration." OK? 
Southern Historical Manuscripts 
 Plantation Records from the Department of Archives 
 Louisiana State University 
 Part 1 of a Continuing Microform Program 
 Over 10,500 Items and 190 Bound Volumes 
 Price: $640.00 
 Available December 1971 
 Microform Division 
 Greenwood Publishing Co. 
 51 Riverside Avenue Westport. Connecticut 06880
 Selected by Eugene Genovese, Chairman, Department of History, University of
 Rochester and John Milton Price, Director of Archives, Louisiana State University.
 Plantation Records in the LSU Archives
 The first part of a large micropublishing program, these
 Plantation Records have been selected by Eugene Genovese
 and John M. Price to show every aspect of life on the planta-
 tions of Louisiana, southwestern Mississippi, and the lower
 Mississippi Valley. Included are two collections, Minor and
 Liddell, of extraordinary value, with smaller collections
 present to supplement and amplify their content.
 Covering more than a century, but concentrating on the four
 decades between 1830 and 1870, the Minor Family Papers
 are the records of a Mississippi family of bankers and plant-
 ers. The Minors were wealthy and influential citizens whose
 records deal with such matters as speculation in land and
 cotton in the 1830s, management of their four plantations
 from 1840 to 1870, treatment of Negroes, and the effects of
 the Civil War and Reconstruction policies on Mississippi
 The Liddell Papers record the activities of two generations of
 planters in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, in the pro-
 duction of cotton, sugar, and lumber. Their correspondence
 and record books are unusually informative, dealing with
 family occurrences, as well as business affairs and the day-to-
 day management of their plantations. Of great interest are
 records on the Civil War, in which a Liddell served, and its
 aftermath. In attempting to revive planting interests with
 the use of freedmen, the records document the crisis attend-
 ing the breakdown of the economic and social system in the
 post-Civil War South.
 Smaller collections in this set include the papers of planters
 such as Louis Bringier of Louisiana, a Confederate officer; a
 Methodist minister, John Burruss; a shopkeeper, Eli Capell;
 and a physician and professor of “Negro Medicine,” Samuel
 Cartwright. Particularly interesting are the papers of two
 families of free Negroes in Louisiana (the Chelette Papers and
 the Badin Papers) and the personal diaries of Mary Bateman,
 Priscilla Bond, Mrs. Isaac Hilliard, Eliza Magruder, James
 Monette, and Clarissa Town.
 The Southern Historical Manuscripts Program
 The program will comprise manuscripts for research in the
 history of the Old South. Beginning with plantation records
 for the region of the lower Mississippi Valley, it will be ex-
 panded to include complementary records for the rest of the
 South and progress from there to cover the major southern
 ports and the commodities trade. Ultimately, the program
 will make available a comprehensive and representative ar-
 chive for students and other researchers in such diverse fields
 as social history, economic history, agricultural history, black
 studies, and the history of the American South in general.
 Greenwood microfiche conform to standards established by the American
 National Standards lnstitute. They are positive silver transparencies with
 full legible positive titles. Measuring 105mm x 148mm (roughly 4"x6"),
 they carry a maximum of 98 pages of documents at a reduction ratio not
 exceeding 24:1. Every care is taken to avoid damage in handling and packing.
 Greenwood adheres to the following standards of the American National
 Standards Institute:
 PH5.9-1970 Specifications for Microfiches, Type A1 Microfiche
 PH1.28-1969 Specifications for Photographic Film for Records, Sil-
 ver Gelatin Type, on Cellulose Ester Base
 PH4.20-1958 (R1970) Photographic Filing Enclosures for Storing Processed
 Photographic Films, Plates, and Papers
 PH5.4-1970 Storage of Silver Gelatin Microfilm
 Cover: The Houmas House on the Burnside plantation
 owned by the Bringiers. 1961 by Clarence John
 Laughlin in Ghosts Along the Mississippi.
Included Both on Microfiche and in Full-Size Printed Form: Complete Inventories, Subject and Main-Entry Catalogs
 Badin, Norbert.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1829-1900
 (mainly 1870-1890).
 684 items and 56 bound volumes.
 Business and personal papers of a free Negro planter
 of Melrose, Louisiana, and family. The bound
 volumes are largely pamphlets from the popular
 literature of the period.
 Bateman, Mary.
 DIARY, 1856.
 1 bound volume.
 Diary of a young girl living with relatives at Argyle
 Plantation, near Greenville, Mississippi.
 Bond, Priscilla “Mittie”Munnikuysen.
 DIARY, 1857-1869.
 86 items and 2 bound volumes.
 Diary of life on a sugar plantation in Louisiana
 during the Civil War.
 Bringier, Louis Amedee.
 PAPERS, 1876-1901.
 599 items and 14 bound volumes.
 Personal, business, and military correspondence
 and plantation records of a prominent Louisiana
 family of French extraction.
 Burruss, John C.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1825-1882.
 407 items.
 Papers of three generations of a Methodist family,
 chiefly relating to early Methodism in Mississippi
 and to the religious justification of slavery, but
 also including business and plantation records and
 military correspondence.
 Capell, Eli J.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1817-1900
 (mainly 1839-1889).
 298 items.
 Capell, Eli J.
 TION PAPERS, 1840-1900 (mainly 1842-1890).
 1,002 items.
 Correspondence and business papers of a merchant
 planter and his family in Mississippi including two
 letters from Jefferson Davis. Also included are
 plantation diaries and other records of the Pleasant
 Hill Plantation, Amite County, Mississippi.
 Cartwright, Samuel A.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1826-1864.
 67 items and 2 bound volumes.
 Correspondence and other writings on medical,
 political, and racial topics of this professor of
 “Negro Medicine.”
 Chelette, Atala.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1819-1900
 (mainly 1840-1899).
 160 items.
 Personal papers of a free Negro family of Natchi-
 toches Parish, Louisiana, including an act of manu-
 mission, 1819.
 Duncan, Stephen.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1846-1899.
 255 items and 11 bound volumes.
 Correspondence, business papers, diaries, and both
 personal and plantation records of two generations
 of a wealthy Mississippi family.
 Hilliard, Mrs. Isaac H.
 DIARY, 1849-1859, 1866.
 1 bound volume.
 Diary of the wife of an Arkansas planter with
 descriptions of travels in Louisiana, Mississippi,
 and Kentucky.
 Jenkins, John C.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1840-1900
 (mainly 1840-1855).
 89 items and 13 bound volumes.
 Papers of a planter and experimental agriculturalist
 and horticulturist.
 Liddell, Moses St. John R.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1813-1900
 (mainly 1838-1870).
 6,261 items and 49 bound volumes.
 Extensive papers of a wealthy and influential
 Mississippi and Louisiana family.
 LSU Dept. of Archives (comp.).
 38 items.
 A miscellaneous topical collection of manuscripts.
 Magruder, Eliza A.
 DIARY, 1846-1857.
 2 bound volumes.
 Diary of a young girl at the home of her uncle on
 his plantation near Natchez, Mississippi, including
 commentary on local social life.
 Minor, William J.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1748-1898
 (mainly 1830-1870).
 410 items and 37 bound volumes.
 Papers of a family of Mississippi bankers and
 planters spanning three generations.
 Monette, James.
 DIARY, 1848-1863.
 1 bound volume.
 Plantation diary giving details of day-to-day routine
 on the Bellview (later Pleasant Hill) Plantation in
 Spyker, Leonidas P.
 FAMILY PAPERS, 1856-1900
 (mainly 1856-1860).
 1 bound volume.
 Unusual records of a planter of northwestern
 Louisiana and his family.
 Town, Clarissa E. Leavitt.
 DIARY, 1853.
 4 items and 1 bound volume.
 This is a transcript of “Grandma Town’s Diary”
 prepared by her great-granddaughter, regarding life
 near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
 December 1971
 Price $640.00
 Microform Division
 51 Riverside Ave., Westport, Conn. 06880
 (203) 226-3571 TWX 710-457-3586
 Cable: greenpress westportoonnecticut
 © 1971 by Greenwood Publishing co.
 Subjects include:
 Agricultural Economy 
 Crop transport 
 Crop diseases
 Horses and Horse Racing 
 Legal Affairs 
 Merchants and Small Business 
 Military Affairs, the Civil War
 Free Negroes 
 Plantation Records 
 Labor, both slave and free
 Plantation social and family life 
 Politics and Political Parties
 Reconstruction Policies
 Slaves and Slavery 
 Slave conditions 
 Insurrection and riots 
 Family life 
 Manuscripts and bound volumes include: 
 Account books
 Act of manumission 
 Articles of co-partnership 
 Assessors lists 
 Bank stub books 
 Crop books, general 
 Crop books, cotton 
 Day books 
 Diaries, plantation 
 Diaries, personal 
 Inventories, plantation 
 Inventories, store 
 Journals, business 
 Letters, business 
 Letters, financial 
 Letters, military 
 Letters, professional 
 Letters, personal and family 
 Letters, student
 Logbooks on slave care
 Military grants of leave
 Military orders
 Military passes
 Notebooks, medical
 Notebooks, plantation
 Notebooks, scholastic
 An oath of citizenship
 Receipts, business
 Receipts, crop
 Receipts, tax
 Record books, first and second drivers
 Record books, governing overseer
 Record books, laborers
 Record books, lumber
 Record books, rules and regulations
 Record books, slaves
 Securities lists
 Slave lists
 Vital statistics
 Statements of accounts
 Tables, ploughing
 Tables, rainfall
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