Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Robert Palmer, July 24, 1971

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c/o General Delivery East Marion, New York 11939 24 July, 1971

Dear lob,

Heaven alone knows where you are -- yak riding in Mongolia, surfing in Australia, ice fishing in the Antartic, or meditating in Morocco,

as coups go on about you.

lut wherever you are, let me interrupt. I do not know how much yau have been able to learn about the Women's Center, but we now have an Executive Committee, of which I am the chair, and of which Ellie Elliott, Annette Baxter. Pat Graham, Barbara Hertc, and Jane Gould are members. We are looking fOr a permanent director, setting up priorities. and what have you.

Everyone believes that having a library and archives is absolutely essential to a good Center, and it is very gratifying to have you

as the librarian rather than some old fogey who neither understands nor cares about either the Center or research collections or the movement the Center in part reflects. In the fall. when we are all back. although I am far more coherent in the summer than in the fall, can we talk about ell this? For the moment it some to me that Annette is the logical person on the Executive Committee to think about the library.

H.wever. I also want Iolc to both get credit for what she has done and to keep on working to get more books. What would you think if Io1a were named something like "Consultant to the Women's Center Research Collection?" (I haven't yet spoken ti Ioléi about this.

so for the moment all these ideas are strictly confidential between us.) I ddn't want anything to interfere with the autonomy of your staff. so that I would like to find some way to balance that autonomy with Iole'5 very real value, and my desire to recognize her.

Another thing: one Cheryl Lyn Garnant, a graduate in '70, when I

do not Know, has been independently on the look-out for books about women. She has found, in good condition she says, a complete edition of a magazine called Woman's Press, which McMillan published, and which ran frem 1927 to the '50's. She says many now well-known women first appnred there. She has reserved it, hoping the Women's Center would buy it. I want t. contact her as soenas possiblg nbout this. What do you think?????

I . G . y.$: c/o cneral Delivery, and hopefully c/o God and man. And

All best,

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