Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Iola Haverstick, July 24, 1971

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0/0 General Delivery East Marian, New York 11939 2# July. 1971


Rumor has you in Connecticut rest of the time, and reality has me in Long Island most of them, an that geography has kept me from talking te yeu as much as I would have liked.

As you know, I an new chairing the Executive Committee of the women's Center. (Yes. Virginia, there is a Women's Center.) This whole business of the title "chairman" is a greht embarrassment to the more solemn members of the movement. I have been referred to as the chairwoman. the chairperson. and even as the chair, a confusion Plato would not have made. Being a conservative at heart, I have no objection to being called a chairman if that's the title tradition gives to certain positians. but the same P0031’ "30 0311 history "herstory" do object.

I went very much t. talk to you about the Center, and about what we should be doing, and about what you would like to do. In particular. I have mentally relied upon you for things about the library. what, for example, do you think we should do about the following!

A letter came to me today from a Darnard graduate. 1970, who now

works for the city of New Y,rk. She has all sorts of ideas and

p1ang, among them buy us books. In a second hand store near city

hall she has found a magazine, published in 1927 through the '50's, in; Woman’s Press, published by Mscflillan, in geod condition, which she has reserved, and wonaers if we want it. She says she has found articles in it which are the first published or now well-known autheés.

I'm dropping a note to lob Palmer on this. of course, but I need your advice. She else says she loves looking for books. has found a lot about women, and what do we want to do with her knowledge?????

When, where, etc. can we talk??????? I suppose we can wait until September for long-range plans, but right now what about Woman'§ 35323? I am mostly at 516-#7?-1320 and e/o General Delivery. East Marion. New York 11939, same as last year, waiting for the oysters to drift down from Oypter Day.

As far as I know, nothing else is really new. I went to a drive- in moviefilast night to see THE TWO-HEADED TRANSPLANT and THE HOUSE 'I‘H.~\'I' SCRMMED. My alternative was LOVE STCRY at the B1t..1n m.y5_.,

we really swing out here on the North F.rk.

All good wishes.