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fields where we find strong student or alumnae interest and initiate contacts
to get a broader range of opportunities. In one instance we wrote to several
hundred law firms asking if they had openings for college graduates as legal
assistants and were rewarded with a good sprinkling of jobs.

We have developed close ties with alumnae in important jobs in business
and the professions and have found that this has brought in more good job
listings as well as yielding invaluable contacts for students and alumnae
who are seeking specific information about a field, We are convinced of
the necessity and value of developing many more such contacts so that women
will be able to give each other the kind of informal help that men have
long been doing moving up the professional ladder, through their alumni clubs,
professional, and social organizations.

Finally we see the important need for more research on the vocational
development of women, an area of research virtually neglected until recently.
Towards these ends we have carried out several small research projects,
which include:

Medicine as a Vocational Choice among Undergraduate
Women, by Jane Schwartz. Journal of the National
Association of Women Deans and Counselors, Vol. 33,
No. 1 (Fall 1969).

Aspiration and Sex Role Expectations of Barnard Seniors,
by Jane Schwartz Gould, (mimeo) January 1970.

The Class of 1965: Achievements and Aspirations, by
Jane Schwartz Gould and Abby Gilmore Pagano. Barnard
Alumngg. Summer 1971.

Jane S. Gould
Director of Placement and
Career Planning

October, 1971