The Women's Center and career planning, June 24, 1971, page 2

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          The amount of work to be done in the arena of careers for women is
limitless and obviously quite beyond the resources of the Women's
Center as we see it now. However initially the Center will be con-
cerned with providing encouragement and support in a few important areas.
These will include a strong commitment to exposing and ending discrimi-
nation wherever we find it as it affects women seeking employment or '
entrance to graduate or professional school. The Center will endorse
an expansion of our collection of vocational material, to include
comprehensive and new information on careers, graduate and professional
schools, as well as details on all the economic, legal and social
changes affecting women. And it is expected that the Center will
create an atmosphere where research on vocational activities of women
will be encouraged both for our own use and for periodic publication.

Jane S. Gould
June 24, 1971