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Barnard College President Martha E. Peterson announced plans to establish a women's-center in 
to administer programs in women's studies and to establish new disciplines specifically designed ' 
The center, recommended by a panel of students, faculty members, administrators and alumni, 
series of seminars on women and society for the 1971-72 terms and eoordinatela’ spec-ial library 
materials on women's studies. The center also will collate a ‘roster of women scholars from Unlllfllyfwr-3;
throughout the country, which will be made available to any school or college to help in selection and em-
‘ ploymentof women. More than 11 courses in women's studies in such diverse fields as economics‘. 
French literature, and sociology will emphasize the role of women in these fields. Jane Gould, direetor.o'f'‘ . M
placement and career planning at Barnard, said the women's center should become a place where pernerd .- y 7:7"?
'alumnae could return to advise students about the problems they may encounter in entering the worilng
world. The annual alumnae reunion on June 4-5 was entitled "Spotlight on a Women’: World." for more ..
information on the-women's program, write Barnard College, 606 W. 120th St., New Yor|t,.N.Y. 10023. '




i ‘ The latest word from Washington confirms that crippling amendments to H.J. Res. 208 and SJ. flee. I y_
9 are already in draft form. The amendments will provide that Congress may exempt women_fron'l 

and that states may retain laws which relate to areas such as health and welfare. Supporters are aelsed 
continue sending petitions, letters and telegrams to members of the House and Senate Judiciary ‘Comm '
insisting upon report of the Equal Rights Amendment to the floor, without any change, for vote. ‘
the House voted passage last year by 350-15, many members are reported to be having seconds thought!

 because of pressure by the opposition. V _ _.,‘;fl

; Sen. Birch Bayh (D.-lnd.), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, had to cancel his meetirrgllwfi‘

’ vs ' N for action on the constitutional amendment to guarantee women equal rights. Five Democrats and four 
publicans boycotted the meeting. it will have to be rescheduled very soon. The following are those senators

_ ., 'who failed to show up for the subcommittee meeting, although they were on Capitol Hill at thetime: 
.., Ervin (D ~N.C.l; James B. Eastland (D -Miss.l: John V. Tunney (D -Calif.l; Quentin N. Burdiclt (D.~N.D.l; ‘

 .. . .Robert C. Byrd (D y-W. Va.l; Roman L. Hruslta (R -Neb.l; Strom Thurmond (8 -S.C.l; and Edward J. Gain

in -Fla.l V ‘

 “.ioeLEss RATES son women niss _ a .  
The Bureau of Labor Statistics for May showed littl.q..ehange_in.the jobless rates of, most major gro.u§ie; R

‘A exceptions in construction workers and women. The unemployment rate for w_omen between 20-35;,‘ T
,__,_. from 10.3 percent to 11.5 percent, the highest level in more than a decade. '




lsir£_e's NOTE » ‘ ~ I .  ~ .; 

We have received from several sources, including the White House, the Democratic National Commlewo,
and others, compilations of data which purport to provide information about the distribution of nvqflg
of women in high-leve/ positions in the federal government by agency or unit and under which edrninfibv‘  ' '
tretion the individual was appointed. ‘ E 


‘L We have had an opportunity to review these with a knowledgeable statistician. We have come td"th3  I
- clusion that none of the compilations provided to us as of now are correct, complete or current.

In our opinion, it just adds confusion to the situation and in no way provides ualbile irrlotmetiols. W , 2 «

We are aware, however, that be th Barbara F ranklin, staff assistant to the President, and’ 
‘director of Women's Activities, Democratic National Committee, are both actively workingito provide
more usable information in this area. when this information is provided to us, we will distribute it‘tle“Ifi‘






_ readers. '
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246 Want: 1,D7ch Street:-New York. NY 1DD25"‘(E’il23 222-894‘? _ “ ‘

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