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gainer:-s  new more state Oommetzde oanereniaasivras abolished as or steel.
 airmen which was eatabliehadln tun hescreeted and produced nu ; ,
  Forums for Women, small ltssinessyclinios, Job Fiesta and the -. 
 Conference. Under the direction or Deputy Comm_lesionar‘Guin,.i_-loll. ltisew
jbvielon organised  several major conferences including Governor lociiefeilefs Conleronea 
, Vlomonwconferenca on Economic Development and the symposium on Job Horixelfia
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*   to a legislative status report prepared by the Washington, o;c., chapter of WEAL, hearings on
*‘*'i7.";I‘;”I.‘ 7130 have been completed and markup is expected sometime this month. The resolution, sponsored.
‘ "fiyfflep. John H. Dent (D.-Pa.l, amends the Fair Labor standards Act toaxtend coverage to include 13 .
A n executive, adrninletrativoand professional employees. Now is the time to voice support for this
ant piece of legislation. — ’ '


 Iecrdtary Melvin Laird, in a speech to about 250 leaders of various national organizations during a .\
 visit, said the Navy can be expected to promote a woman to the rank of admiral soon. "There

,  more lady generals and admirals in the future," he said. "The Air Force has coma through; the flffiiflr,
g ,_  come through.‘ and I can assure you that the Navy will." Under the leadership of Adm. Elmo H. Zuraer
‘  -Clhflflfleeei opera-tioeat fie New hoe recently undergone a relaxation oi "Mickey Mouse’? 
' restrictions regarding dress, grooming and regimentation, but no women have yet been elevated to star rank


_ * f A ‘-* - ‘Hie supreme court recently rejected without comment twin attempts to test the constitutionality or rain

""95 ‘? sows abortion law. Both cases stem from the conviction of Dr. Jane E. Hodgson, a st. Paul gynecologist.

 Jiodgaon. was convicted of performing an abortion on a young married woman who contracted German; ‘

‘A _ ' ‘lneaelea eertfin pregnancy. Both parents feared the child would be born with deformities as a rosult.""1'lie_‘ali .

 involved indirect efforts to secure a ‘high court ruling on the law. Dr. Hodgson'sappeai from the ”

V  veeheiction may yet reach the supreme Court in a more direct test. V
 coucAna_re'osl THE hiss. neronr says

  to Stanford University's Newman jfasit F oroa on Higher Education, educational discrimination
V afiainet woman is “overt, accepted and increasing." Women get better high school grades than man, but
. lever enter collage. Women do better in college than man, but fewer go on to graduate school. Those who
. efllieve advanced degrees are likely to face employment dlscrimination---especially in the university itself. 
The-ieltuation is explored thoroughly in the study group‘: l30-page Report on Higher Education, available

_ _  ' -ifor 75 cents from: Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 2040!, 
i .  A nationwide ad campaign promoting birth control and family planning willbe launched in mid-summer by A
4c   Manned Parenthood, with the cooperation of the Advertising Council. A total of $15 million in air time is ;

‘ expected to be donated by radio and television stations, which are required by the FCC to devote a certain 
..- ,.  percentage otets time to pubtie aareice."epote.". in addition to broedaaat esaterlaie. inageaina ads and ‘result
‘V ,,:_.., , placards will urge Americans to practice birth control and family planning. ' -
 AGENT8 soom *

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 ,_  tarm "G-woman" may soon “be added to the underworld lexicon. Some Washington observors con 7 -
W “‘  that the Federal Bureau of Investigation may hire women as agents in the near future. Duringe

A Ghent Justice Dept. meeting to implement the President's anti-discrimination program in government, Flt
representatives reportedly displayed a "surprisingly understanding attitude" toward hiring female egentt.
eeoording to Justice Department officials. - if -


. According to Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, the Nixon Administration has failed to provide adequate leader-  ,V
ship in the areas of child care, equal rights for women and civil rights. Speaking in Washington at the annual
Founder's Dinner of the Business and Professional Wom en's League, Humphrey called for "a com prahenaiea
 _ aeli which recogniajas the vast potential for the educational, social and physical development of chi
iouiedy in the  years." " ‘ ‘
= 2 n nosiucv: oerureo.e'rsexlar eacxussm

“~’-tenors Romney oii‘erged,"extramists" in the worn en's liberation movement with partial blame ioriher
‘ieasaful bid for the U.8._lona_ea laesyaar. Speaking before the National Federation of Republican Vloigatlie‘
 also said the  A " I , avbaciziash that hurt her and other woman candidates. "it i had run
 year before, I thinit i would  it.” she said. - '

















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