The Women's Center, Barnard College, pamphlet, 1971, page 10

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          Women and Work 

An important function of
the Women's Center will be
to implement career plan-
ning—to help students and
alumnae think seriously
about the full range of
careers, make appropriate
plans, and go on to achieve
their vocational goals. This
is a large order, but we
believe that at a time when opportunities and options
for women are expanding, Barnard is in a unique
position to pioneer in these areas.

Enlarging on current programs for students carried
out by the Office of Placement and Career Planning
and by a number of alumnae committees, the Center
will encourage and, wherever possible, sponsor new
projects to help students take themselves and their
interests seriously and learn how to plan for productive
lives. Such projects will include a program of group
counseling where students will have a chance to raise
questions and explore attitudes about their role as
women; and an expansion of career advising to stimu-
late and sustain student interest in such traditionally
male fields as business, medicine, dentistry, law, en-
gineering, architecture and urban planning, and to
include closer ties with professional schools, particu-
larly admissions committees.

In addition, the Women's Center will encourage fre-
quent seminars and career conferences, bringing in
women, often alumnae, representing different fields
and different life styles, who are prepared to talk in-
formally about the satisfactions and problems they face
as working women. In this way the Center will focus
on one of Barnard's great strengths — the large number
of successful alumnae who often express a willingness
to share their experiences
with undergraduates. The
dialogue that the Center
hopes to foster between
alumnae and students, and
professional alumnae and
non-working alumnae who
need encouragement, can
be extremely significant in
building new confidence,
understanding, and trust among women of all ages.

The Center plans to expand the services currently
offered to alumnae, offering concrete vocational help
whenever needed. This new emphasis may include
helping women work out flexible time schedules and/
or arrangements for getting fellowships or loans in
order to complete graduate and professional training;
helping alumnae keep up to date in a field when
activities outside the home are impossible; setting up
workshops for groups of mature alumnae who need
counseling about returning to work.

Initially the Center will be concerned with providing
encouragement and support in a few important areas.
These will include a strong commitment to exposing
and ending discrimination wherever we find it as it
affects women seeking employment or entrance to
graduate or professional school. The Center will en-
dorse an expansion of our collection of vocational
material to include more complete information on
careers, graduate schools, and professional schools, as
well as details on all the economic, legal, and social
changes affecting women. The Center will also encour-
age research on vocational
activities of women,both for
our own use and for 
periodic publication. 

Jane S. Gould
Office of Placement 
and Career Planning

Educating women
means more than
giving them academic
courses. Programs to
help them plan careers.
before and after the
B.B... are an integral
part of the Center.