Letter from Annette Baxter to Catharine Stimpson, August 24, 1971

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Mrs. James E. Baxter
 435 East 70th Street, New York, New York 10021
 Dear Kate - 
 It's fine about Iola. I thought myself that she should be in charge of books + library, since curriculum in itself is a considerable responsibility for me. Do go ahead and task her. 
 Interesting about Columbia + the Summer Institute. Where there's no real conviction, apathy invariably is the outcome. We'll talk about how Barnard can use HEW + how it can (or should?) relate to Columbia on women matters in the fall. 
I don't know Barbara Buencristiano at all. Good luck with the search. We'll need someone soon. 
 Time is pitiless. I'm looking forward to next summer already.