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Suggested High Visibility Projects
for Women's Center

Get started on developing a roster of women scholars.

. . CKS -
Arrange and help various departments plan small on-going career
conferences and seminars for students in a variety of settings - 
(using as ready-made audience students currently enrolled in 

womens' courses)

Plan the first of a permanent series of seminars on Women in kw 
Society for the Spring of '72, dealing with some important b‘
issue on women, which would be suitable for subsequent pub-

;-u. ..t...


Plan a workshop to bring back to Barnard representatives of
alumnae clubs, to give them concentrated and new information
on women - pertaining to legal rights, economic and social
changes, training and jobs, and resources for women - so that

"L ‘(tithe individual clubs can set up programs for alumnae and

erhaps other women. The programs would vary according to the

40 no interests of the alumnae clubs and the needs of each community.

Encourage and help the Alumae Vocational Advisory Committee be
collect names of alumnae with special skills interested in working
on discrimination, and collect information on specific experi-
ences of discrimination. This could lead to setting up of a com-
plaint bureau, and

Establishmentofacommittee of Barnard lawyers to handle problems
of discrimination.

Jane S. Gould

June 29, 1971