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Women's Work and Women's Studies, 1972
Suggested themes for conference, circa 1973
Planning for Women's Studies, 1973
The State of Women's Studies, 1973
Ideas for upcoming conference, 1973
Letter to Jane Gould from Martha Peterson, 1973
Jane Gould and Donna Stanton correspondence, 1973
Letter to Florence Howe, 1973
The Economics of the Second Sex, 1974
Note from Catharine Stimpson to Jane Gould, 1974
War and Peace: Four Generations of Feminists, 1974
Why Women's Studies, 1974
Report of the first planning session for The Scholar and the Feminist II, 1974
Report of the second planning session for The Scholar and the Feminst II, 1974
Second planning meeting for the Scholar and Feminist III conference, 1975
Report on planning session 2, 1975