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Dance Uptown, circa 1990s
Dancers in Motion, circa 1990
Dance Portrait, circa 1990
Performance of Places, Dance Uptown 1989
People in the Sun performance, Dance Uptown 1989
Hopper Dance Uptown performance, 1989
Performance of Places, Dance Uptown, 1989
Performance of Places, Dance Uptown, 1989
Dance Uptown performance featuring Jessica Fogel, 1987
Nan Friedman in performance of "Haunt," 1978
Performance of "Temporary Quarters," from Dance Uptown, 1978
Dance Uptown performers, 1974
Dancers and choreographers in front of Minor Latham Theatre, 1974
Sara and Jerry Pearson in Minor Latham Playhouse, 1974
Sara Pearson and Jerry Pearson in Dance Uptown performance, 1974
Dance Uptown performance, 1969