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View of student on lawn through cherry tree, circa 1980
Two students on bench by gate, circa 1980s
Two Students, studying on a Lehman Lawn Bench, April 1998
Lehman Lawn in Winter, C1995
Lehman Lawn in the snow, circa 1995
Students relaxing on Lehman Lawn, Fall 1994
Benches on Campus, circa 1990s
Students sitting on wall on Lehman Lawn, circa 1990s
Students Reading in "The Jungle", 1910
Students Studying on Lehman Lawn, circa 1990s
Lehman Walk set-up for Commencment
Lehman Walk, circa 1980s
Students Lounging on Lehman Lawn, circa 1980s
Two Students on Lehman Walk, circa 1980s
Crowd on Lehman Walk, Spring fair 2003
Student dressed up as clown, spring 2003