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Student reading in Wollman Library, circa 1970
Students on Lehman Lawn in spring, circa 1970s
Student Relaxing on Bench on Lehman Lawn, 1970s
Students Sitting on Lehman Lawn, 1976
Students Chatting On Wall in front of Lehman, 1976
Three Students on Bench by gates, 1976
Student listening to record in Wollman, circa 1979
Student reading by window in Wollman Library, circa 1977
Student reading newspaper in Wollman Library, circa 1970s-80s
Benches near Lehman Lawn, 1979
View of Lehman Lawn and Campus, 1979
Two Students on a Lehman Lawn Bench, Spring 1979
Altschul Plaza, 1979
Altschul Plaza, circa 1980s
Students Lounging on Lehman Lawn, circa 1980s
Dorm Room (Brooks Hewitt Reid), circa 1980s