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Faculty teaching Women's Studies courses, 1971-1972
Women's Studies Institute, Columbia University Summer Session 1972, proposal
Note from Florence Howe to Catharine Stimpson, 1971
Notes on January Conference, 1971
Women's Studies meeting, 1971
Thoughts on "Women's Studies" at Barnard, 1971
Notes from Mary Elizabeth Wexford, regarding Women's Studies conference, 1971
Memo from Jane Gould to Martha Peterson, regarding National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Development meeting in Racine Wisconsin, January 30, 1971
Letter from Jane Gould to Esther Westervelt, March 1, 1971
Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Baxter, Elliott, Gould, Graham, and Hertz, regarding priorities for the Women's Center, June 30, 1971
Letter from Deborah Spitz, July 16, 1971
Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Mary McMahon, regarding enrollment in Women's Studies courses, July 28, 1971
Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Annette Baxter, Elly Elliott, Jane Gould, Patricia Graham, and Barbara Hertz, regarding the Columbia Summer Institute, July 28, 1971
Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Carol Ahlum, July 28, 1971
Memo from Annette Baxter to Catharine Stimpson, regarding "Women's Press" and the Summer Institute, July 29, 1971
Memo from William Theodore de Bary to William A. Owens, regarding the Women's Studies Institute proposal for the 1972 Summer Session, July 30, 1971