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Students on Altschul/McIntosh Plaza, 1984
Altschul Plaza, circa 1980s
Altschul court, circa 1952
Students on pathway, 1944
Visitors at Brooks, circa 1940s
Brooks Hall and Hewitt Hall exteriors, circa 1935-1959
Students on path to Brooks Hall, circa 1950s
McIntosh Student Center, circa 1980s
Altschul and McIntosh Plaza, circa 1980s
Barnard Hall parlor, circa 1930s
Quad lounge, 1945
Quad music room, circa 1950
Dorm Room (Brooks Hewitt Reid), circa 1980s
Student at desk in dorm (Brooks Hewitt Reid), circa 1980s
Dorm Room, Brooks Hewitt Reid, circa 1970s
Dorm Room, Sulzberger Hall, circa late 1980s/early 1990s