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Jane Gould at Desk, C1990
Jane Gould, C1990
Workshop from S&F VII, 1980
Jacquelyn Mattfeld Speaks at  S&F VII, 1980
S&F VII Panel, 1980
Women at S&F VII, 1980
Woman Reading at s&F VII Conference, 1980
Registration for S&F VII, 1980
Workshop, C1977
Quandra Prettyman at Afternoon Panel, C1977
Break Time, C1985
Mirra Komarovsky with students at break time, C1985
Break Time, C1985
Crowd at BCRW Event, C1085
Jacquelyn Mattfeld with Hester Eisenstein with unidentified woman, C1985
Hester Eisenstein and Philippa Strum, C1985