Letter from Martha Peterson to Mary Louise Reid, December 3, 1971, page 1

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          3 Deceuber 1971

nary Louise Raid
290}. Garfield Terrace, W

waahmgton, xx:
D351" 38. Reid:

As you Isaac, Batnard College has recently opuaod a Hanan’: Center.
Its purpose it to support Women‘: Studies: at human}, to initiate

a dialogue am: the swatal ways in which women may lead that:
lives, and to create projects which may aiuher advance what was know
about women at help women realiza their full potential. I have
enclosed abroc-hm.-e about ch: center far those ofyouwhouaynot
have already received one.

we are also establishing an Aciviaory Board, coneistim of members
of the Bmmard community who have aha-an special intartat in the
problem of woman or am may give ua spacial insight into then. rm
Board is to be dram from our truaueaa. faculty. staff. alumna. ad
student hotly. It will not meet regularly as a body, but rtthnr we
would like to fieel free to call upon its u@»ers from time to time
for advice and couucl.

Iwauld ltkeco in\r1:eynux:obecumnau&ato£timitnuan'a caster
Advisory Board. I hope you will be able to accept thu invitation.

we baliemt that the. Carter will prove can be a vital part of the Collage
and that your help and guidance will aid 1%:-ably in its mucus.

sincere 13.

Batch; recarson