Letter from Laurie Auchincloss to Catharine Stimpson, November 6, 1971, page 1

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          623 BELMONT ROAD

Dear Kate:

Of course I'll be on the advisory
council of the Women's Center, but I don't
think I can make the tea as I have to be
in Trenton that day.

The ex-Acting Director of Surgery at
Columbia, Dr. Frederic E. Herter (still on
the staff and on the Executive Com. of the
Senate) is a good friend of ours and a
charming man. He and I have had several
run ins on the subject of women in medicine
and he is definitely a male chauvinist in
respect to what women do but ndzin respect
to their opinions. I asked my husband if
he would be good to suggest and was surprised
to find that Hugh got defensive too, and I
thought he was enlightened, If you want
a medical man you couldn't do better than
Dr. Herter but you ought to warn him just
what he is up against. with the HWJ threat
I can hardly think of anything more timely
but I agree that you don't want to make
someone seem foolish and some men may not
be prepared for the ferocity of some of
the women. They ought to be warned!!

Good luck and do let me know when
it will be.


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