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.separate group?

gotes on an Advisory Committee for Women's Center
September, 1971

I suggest people be asked to‘serve for two years, a term whidl
will provide both flexibility and continuity

I also suggest that the members have a real tie to Barnard
College. (We may also wish the Advisory Committee to include
people from the University. This decision will have to be
made.) We should then go on to create a Board of Consultants
in order to get the ideas and advice of women who are not a
part of either the College or the University, e.g. Elga
Wasserman. (Annette Baxter and Elly Elliott have already
suggested some names for a Board of Consultants.)

Two people have already been asked to serve on the Advisory
Committee: Jane Weidlund, '46; and Jackie Greenspon, the
Chairman of the Alumnae Vocational Advisory Committee.

The constituencies to be represented on the Advisory Committee
should probably include: l)alumnae; 2) faculty; 3) students;
4) staff; and 5) trustees.

Two questions: 1) should we ask everyone who teaches a
Women's Studies course to be a member of the Advisory
Committee, or should we work to have them meeting as a

2) should we automatically include everyone
who worked on the Task Force on Barnard and the Educatedh
Woman and/or who met,with Ms. Peterson in the conferences

of last year? '

Combining various Executive Committee suggestions and my
own fleas, I think that the following persons must be on
an advisory Committee:


Jane Moorman

Sarah Johnson
Winnie Price

Elizabeth Janeway

Mary Louise Reid

Darlene Shapiro Levy '60 Students

AnnelGrant West — Minna Kotkin

%EEE_E%l Micki Matthews
arry anov .fi

Danielle Haasc-Dubosc iggég giigizgez

Elizabeth Hardwick
John Sanders
Mirra Komarovsky

For information purposes: people teaching Women's Studies corses

in 1971-72 include Mirra Komarovsky, Clive Kessler, David Ehrenfeld
§3?&@§§,Mates, Catharine Stimpson, Annette Baxter, Cynthia Lloyd,
Suzanne Wemple, Tatiana Greene, Sylvia Sayre, Brigette Bradley,
John Meskill, and Barbara Miller. The people on the Task Pane
on.§%5GSW%?and the Educated Woman were Professors Barry Ulana;

John Elliff, Mary Mothersill, Elizabeth Hardwick; Elizabeth