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Aug. 10, 1971
Dear Catharine,

Had a call last night from Jane Weidlflnd, class of 1946, an old and
good friend of mine. She has been with the United Nations for many
years in important posts. Wants to introduce me to Pres. of Nat'l
Council of Women, so that I can make some forays into their archives,
with an eye to opening them up for use by our students and (even)
placing ourselves in a good position over the long term to be the
possible repository of their stuff.

While we talked it occurred to me that she would be an ideal member
of the Advisory Committee of the Women's Center (she has many
contacts among women of all nations) and I broached it to her without
waiting for the Executive Committee's assent. She reacted very
positively, saying that it would permit her to combine her deep
concerns for women and for Barnard. I didn't feel it would be polite
to pussyfoot about waiting to check with others before inviting her
to joing, since she was generous in thinking about us in re: the
National Council of Women. Would you therefore add her name to the
Advisory Committee? She will be a major asset to it. Her address

is 5 Peter Cooper Rd., NYC 10010 (phone: OR 7-2667). Would you

also ask Barbara to place her on the list for the brochure of

the Women's Center, which I promised her she would receive?

Many thanks,