Letter from Jane Gould to Esther Westervelt, March 1, 1971, page 1

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          ‘ Piarch 1, 1971

Mrs. Esther Westervelt
R. D. 1, Be: 206
Gashen, E. Y. 10924

Dear Es char,

Thank yen ior taking the time to tell me about
the wingspread meeting. I will await further news
as to location and specific details on plans.

7 Things are moving at Barnard ,and I think that
by next fall we will have a few tangible 1:-emits ta
shew for all of the thinking am! iimnasing that has

gone on this year‘. we saw to be starting with 4,,

academic afferingfisa far we have several cam-sea on
women with more 11:: came.

I.et'é keep in touch and I would love to see yea
any time yen get: into town. with best regards,


Géra.) Jane S. Gould
Director of Placment
and Career Planning