Memo from Jane Gould to Martha Peterson, regarding National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Development meeting in Racine Wisconsin, January 30, 1971, page 1

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          BARNARD COLLEGE I J;%3*~5g fj; 

1?) Miss Peterson

1 Jane S. Gould .
FRONL_ . V .
National coalition for Research on women s Laucation

SU&ECT and Development Meeting in Racine, Wisconsin 1-30-71


I had a call from Esther Westervelt followed up by the enclosed
notice, inviting me to attend this meeting as an unofficial observer
because of our interest in the subject. However she made it very clear
both in her note and when I spoke with her that this would in no way
represent any commitment

I am also enclosing a list of those who plan to attend. I'm sure
we would learn more about the plans for the Coalition and more about
what is being done around the country in general. I am interested and
if you think it a good idea, I will go.

\‘ gfjr.

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