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: ofea career in our society as it is presently constructedgeeTheI

T* ment in the real world after many years pf aeademié, Tefbrifig”

Vsef§e~as*a problem semiang te discuss present difficulties #04

[women by the wemen in the city.

‘week for two hours. It would have seminar strueture of one hofif

“p presentation by a visiting

Vlecturer along with her suggestefi reading List; The entire same

Dinar meeting would be taped each week, If is kuggestedvthat‘tflr_
in the sciences and one in phe hunmnities.V Also, one wouid befe
; be divided into to blocks wf five weeks of gueéts and twe weeksi

of paper writing, repeated four times over the §ear, The tepieéf

of discussion would be chegen by the studente.


' PKOPQ 351.. F()f< Si"J1'“lIl‘¥’z’-xii  i 

To bring be Ike Barflhafi ssudentééomn realistic asfieefé
tepics eovered would include the pr0fe9siona1:aspects and thee A
peraenal aspects of the development of a career, Ll have beene 

constntly diéturbed by the blaise attitufle we have‘toward;eoure

etudents who are unprepared for the rigors afeeareer develepéfl’

realism ch our career oriented Barnard $twdeflt§ we nae axposeé


them to the "reel wmrld” through contact with the many availapkg

successful career women in the city df‘New York. Thix ¢ou1q,*+
7 ‘ » , ‘ I'U‘~‘

men have had to overcome, we could then make cwncrete sugges-V

tiens for change. Alsg, we might stimulate ingerest in Earner

VSTRUCTURE: The caurse would he a year cmurse meeting once a


careex woman fullewefl by an hour efV

discussion, A Curriculum Vitae would he ohtained from each‘gfie$t


be two instructors. Tb present diffeyefif aagemta one would bef{


single and fine wevld be nwrried with a f»w31vgV The course weuld