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April, 1971

The Task Force on Barnard and the Educated woman consists
of trustees, faculty, alumnae, students, and administrators. We
explored three questions:

1) Does Barnard College, an undergraduate institution, have
any responsibility towards women not actually enrolled there?

2) If so, who might these women be? Its alumnae? The
educated woman within the New York region? women within Barnard‘s
immediate neighborhood?

3) Is Barnard showing its students what it means to be an
educated woman in contemporary America? »

we concluded:

1) That Barnard could serve women who were not a part of
its student body in ways compatible with its character as a college.

2) That at the present time Barnard could best serve its
alumnae and women interested in academic pursuits, but that its
programs should be flexible enough to be of interest to many
other women.

3) That Barnard must do more to equip its students for
problems which they might encounter after graduation. As .-
Professor Pat Farnsworth noted, "I have been constantly disturbed
by the blase attitude we have towards students who are unprepared
for the rigors of career development in the real world after many
years of academia." (1) while we were skeptical of attempts to
make all Barnard students hardunosed professionals, we were pain~
fully aware of the ways in which society discriminates against
women. Too many people think an educated woman less useful and
competent than any educated man, a theory which puts the educators
of women in an odd position.

Certain common assumptions lay beneath our conclusions.
Among them were:

1) Barnard, because of its history, its staff, and its
location, is uniquely capable of becoming a national center for
the study of women and their interests.

2) Much of the study of the history, the psychology, and

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(1) In a proposal to the Task Force for a seminar for students

and working women about career development. The Allmnae Advisory
Vocational Committee (Jackie Greenspon, chairman) and the Committee
on the Vocational Development of Barnard women (Jane 8. Could,
chairman) have already done valuable work in this area.