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          ~ I SAkAH W. JOHNSON fig  M\dé,1)

October 28, 1971


Thanks for the notes on the Center.
Since Jackie Radin and I try not to
repeat material(when we can help it)

I checked with her to XKXK see what she
might include in the third Alum. Magazine
on this subject. She says that a lot

of her issue depaend on your.article.

Memo from

In any event, if you don't object
severely, I would like to hold this
for the third newsletter and use in that
any information that is not covered KKXKX
by the magazine.

Since our newsletter goes to press
tomorrow but won't hit the mails until
just after Thanksgiving there is really
not much that can be said about the
lawyers——I Q can't say they
met because I dodt know what they
decided =“(or rather will decide).