Letter from Elizabeth Janeway to Catharine Stimpson, July 24, 1971, page 1

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          ELIZABSTH JANE-i(1)«\Y

July 21;, 1971

Dear Catharine Stimpson,

I'll look forward to getting together with
you in’ the fall on plans for the Woman's '
Center, and a search forthe right director.
How much help I shall be, I don't know --
but I'm eager to try.

A thought: I had lunch yesterday with Betty
Harfis who, with Gloria Steinem, is starting
a magazine for "educated women", looking
tboward a circulation of 500,000 or so. She
came offfszchologz Todgg (I don't call that
educated, but then, one mustn't be‘snobbish5
and declares she will have backing. I sug-
gested to her that one of the regular features
of such a magazine might'be "Reports" from
here and there‘-- abroad, the Third World,
Eastern Europe, etc. , $1 from the campus too.
It seems to me that this publication (it will
be called l_J_s;_.) would be welledapted to spread
information about the Center,'a.nd to keep in
touch with other such efforts. Nor does pub—
licity hurt the effort to raise funds for ex-

pansion --

Except for two'or three weeks in September,
after the 10th, I shall be here most of the time.

6*-LL ‘Z’