Letter from Barbara Hertz to Lynda Horhota, July 21, 1971, page 1

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          July 21, 1971

Miss Lynda Horhota
191 Clareont Avenue
flew York, flew York 16027

ear Lynda:

catharine Stimpson and I are struggling
with copy for a brochure on the woen‘s Center.
what we feel is missing is a piece by an under»
graduate and we both think you‘re the gal to do

9 don‘t need it to be long ~- an more than
500 to 750 words. Time, though, is of the essence.
would you be good enough to call me pranto (666~7&52)
and we caa talk abaut the piece. You see, I just
assume you'll want to rite it}

Many thanks.


(Mrs.) Barbara V. Hertz
Director of Development