Letter from Barbara Hertz to Annette Baxter, June 30, 1971

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June 30,1971

Mrs. Anette Baxter Pint 0'Wboda

Fire Island

New York 11706

Dear Annette:

You're a doll; Thanks tor being so prompt with the breahure copy. I'm waiting to collect a number of pieces before starting to edit. 1'11 certiinly send you an edited version to OK.

We'll put together a list of caurse offerings pronto. It's a fine idea and we naed it for the brchure anyway.

All kinds ofuquuues are coming 1n. Kate is mking up several form letters and we're keeping a list, of course, of Lntereateé people. We'll adddyour names to the list.

Aain, thanks for your good help. Take a dunk in the ocean far me.

Best greetings to you and Jim,

(Mrs.) Barbara V. Hertz Directar of Developent